The Blame Game

What is The Blame Game? More specifically, what is the blame game in business? The blame game is real. According to, the blame game is:       a situation in which different individuals or groups attempt to assign blame … Read More

Custom rewards programs

Can organizations create custom rewards programs? Why not? After all, we are all different and motivated by different things. Employee rewards and recognition is a hot topic these days. It is a challenge for organizations to create a custom program … Read More

The Rewards of HR

The rewards of HR. There are rewards but sometimes they get lost in all of the other things you do. For those of you that have chosen a career in HR, you understand the stress that goes along with it. … Read More

Workplace Gossip

Workplace gossip. Every company has workplace gossip. In most cases, gossip not good and you should address it quickly, whenever possible.  Why do employees gossip?  To feel “in-the-know” – oftentimes employees feel empowered if they think they know something and … Read More

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