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Commit time to the interview process


I am constantly harping on the importance of conducting effective interviews. A key component of the interview process is time. Commit the time to the interview process; I cannot emphasize this enough. Interviewing properly takes time. Sadly, it is... Read More

Conducting Effective Interviews


What is the point of conducting interviews? Why do you interview candidates?  What is the point of conducting effective interviews? The point of an interview is to determine the best person to fill your open position. Seems logical. When... Read More

How Do You Define Happiness?


How do you define happiness? What makes you happy? Clearly, happiness is different for everyone. What is the one thing, if you had to give up everything else, that makes you happy? What really does it for you? Family... Read More

Random Act of Kindness Day


Random Act of Kindness Day Last Friday was Random Act of Kindness Day. While it is wonderful to acknowledge kindness, I find it so unfortunate that we must designate a day to be kind. Why is it that kindness... Read More