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Dealing with underperformers


Dealing with underperformers can be difficult, but it is necessary. What is your go-to when you have a low performer? The key to understanding performance comes down to two things: Does the employee have the ability to complete the... Read More

Provide Clear Direction


Provide clear direction. As leaders, we expect our teams to perform. Leaders set goals, milestones and target achievements. Leaders then turn the team loose to execute on their projects. The team is observed and working hard. You watch them... Read More

The Ultimatum


The Ultimatum. What is an ultimatum? According to Oxford Languages, an ultimatum by definition:  a final demand or statement of terms, the rejection of which will result in retaliation or a breakdown in relations. When I read this definition,... Read More

Building Relationships


Building relationships. Relationships are at the very core of everything in our lives. We have relationships, to varying degrees, with everyone in our lives. Our investment in our relationships is based on the type of relationship. Some relationships are... Read More