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Time to quit?


How I knew it was time to quit my job. I felt scared, every.single.day. I had been working at the same company for 15 years in various HR roles. I had been uneasy at work for a while. Everything... Read More

Interviewers: Do Your Part!


Do your part as the interviewer! Interviewers: Do your part to effectively interview. Commit to the interview process up front and save yourself a potential headache later. Rushing the process and doing it half-way will only open the window... Read More

Candidate Scheduling & Interview Questions


Effective Interviewing Part II: Candidate Scheduling and Interview Questions If you read part one of my effective interviewing series, you know that the next step is getting ready for the interview process. In part two, I want to focus... Read More

Getting Ready to Hire? Do These Things First!


Effective Interviewing Part I Getting ready to hire? Do these things first!  Interviewing is more than a simple conversation. Think about the purpose of an interview. You are meeting with candidates so you can improve your team. You intend... Read More