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Restart your goals

I wrote last week about restarting your goals. Most of us have set goals. I set goals all of the time. Sometimes I execute, sometimes I don’t. My guess would be that many of you fall into that same scenario. Let’s go everyone, time to RESTART your goals. 

It is a new year and I have some new goals and some revisited goals. My plan to get started is to make sure I have a clear path to R.E.S.T.A.R.T with my goals. 

What is RESTART? It is my way of revamping SMART goals. This is my plan.

  • R: Relevant – I have created three goals for myself that are important for my physical & mental health and for my business.
  • E: Engage – I am motivated and engaged for success for all three goals. They matter to me so therefore I am engaged in moving towards their completion.
  • S: Specific – I have clearly defined each goal for myself. No ambiguity.
  • T: Timely – I have created a timeline for achieving each of my goals. I have set target milestones throughout my timeline so I can take a second to enjoy my progress.
  • A: Attach – I have attached a small achievement reward to each of my milestones so I can celebrate my performance and progress.
  • R: Record – I have created a spreadsheet so I can track my progress. I have marked timelines and milestones on my spreadsheet so everything I do can be recorded. I can hold myself accountable.
  • T: Transparent – I have shared my goals with a few others so they can help hold me accountable as well as remind me of the goals when I get lost in the chaos of the world. 

You don’t have to use my method. Find a method that works best for you. Thinking about your 2023 goals will not get you any closer to completion. Commit the time to your goal process so you can achieve your success and build your best you!

Remember, not everyday will be perfect or successful. 

  • Things happen and you will swerve from your target. 
  • Think about what went wrong. 
  • Think about how you will do it differently next time.
  • Most importantly, reflect and move on. Don’t let a bad day(s) ruin your path forward.
Setting goals has been used in business forever because it works. Give it a try. 
Good luck everyone. Time to RESTART your goals. 
I wish you success in your 2023 Goal setting strategies.