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Providing Employee Feedback

Providing employee feedback to your team members is an essential part of your job as a business leader. The ability to effectively provide employee feedback is what can set you apart from others. Employees want to hear from their leaders, whether the feedback is good or not so good. Without feedback, how are your employees going to know if they are doing the right things? How are they going to learn and grow?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons to provide feedback to employees.

  • It is a connection between the employee and their boss. 
  • When done right, feedback increases motivation and engagement. 
  • It lets your employees know how they are doing, what they are doing well and where they need to improve.
  • Feedback provides clarity of expectations.
When done properly, feedback can improve the relationship between the employee and their boss. That said, feedback is not always easy. To help, keep these things in mind:
  • Feedback should always be timely. If an employee does something wrong, tell them. Do not wait until performance evaluations.Teach them, now. What is the value in waiting?
  • A key component of feedback is to make sure your employee knows you are here to help. Remind them that you support them and their growth. Remind them that you are on the same team.  
  • Feedback should be specific and fact-based. State the facts without bias or emotion. Do not sugarcoat the negative. Just say it. 
Whether positive or negative, your employees need and want to hear from you. When feedback is positive, celebrate the wins together. Focus on what is next. Always aspire to elevate your team members. We all want to know if we are doing a good job.
In cases of negative feedback, show support. Be clear on what needs to improve, Follow-up with an action plan. Build their confidence to fight for the win. We all want to know how to be better. 

Effective communication in leadership includes employee feedback. Keep your employees informed of their performance. Make sure your employees know what it is that you expect from them.  

Providing employee feedback is not always easy but it is always necessary. Remember, if you do not provide feedback to your employees, continued poor performance or behavior is on you. Don’t let that happen.