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Provide Clear Direction

Provide clear direction. As leaders, we expect our teams to perform. Leaders set goals, milestones and target achievements. Leaders then turn the team loose to execute on their projects. The team is observed and working hard. You watch them working. You step in, only when needed or requested. It is time to have a milestone check and the team has not made any progress. How is this possible? Is it the team? Or could it be the leader? Have you provided clear direction?

Setting goals and performance objectives is a critical part of business. While you, as the leader believe that you set specific objectives, the team does not seem to be making progress. For those objectives to be achieved, your team must understand exactly what you expect. 

Simply asking your team may not be enough. Sure, they may say they understand but when it comes to execution, maybe there is some ambiguity or confusion.

How do you set clear objectives?
  • Start with understanding your team and their abilities.
  • Be transparent with your expectations. There should be no secrets in what you expect from your team.
  • Set specific objectives or goals.
  • Make sure they are measurable with milestone target dates.
  • Allow for open dialogue with your team. Allow them to ask questions or challenge your requests.
  • Make sure your team can get there. They will not work hard for a goal they know they cannot hit.
  • Make sure you have a completion date. If there is no end date, the objective does not remain a priority.
  • Document everything so there is no confusion later.
  • Review on a regular schedule. This will allow your team to ask questions and get clarity.
  • Remove any roadblocks your team may encounter.
  • Understand what success looks like and work with your team towards that success. 

Finally, celebrate each win, even small wins. Not every project is smooth, in fact, most projects are not smooth at all. It is important to recognize achievements and learn from issues. 

Provide clear direction. Teams with great leadership and clear objectives can do great things. Trust your team! Lead them to success.