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Job postings, keep them fresh!

Job postings, keep them fresh! When was the last time you updated your job postings? Are you using the same job posting from three or five years ago? Or worse, job postings that are older? Have you even read your job postings recently? If not, I suggest you take a look at those postings. 

Job postings are a candidate’s first impression of your company. It is not cool to post something ancient? Give them a reason to apply!

A job posting is how job seekers know you are hiring. If your position isn’t posted, how would a candidate ever know a role is open? The best method of finding candidates is to post your jobs. That said, a high quality posting has a better shot at grabbing their attention and interest. Make it worth the read! Spark their interest. Get their application.

A job posting should be clear and specific on expectations. The posting should be thorough enough to let candidates know what you need but not so detailed they are long and overwhelming. It should not be cute or filled with buzz words. Please, please – no buzz words!

So what are the key components of a job posting?
  • Start with job title.
    • The job title should be specific to the role. If you create a job post for an engineer, what does that mean? Electrical? Mechanical? Civil?
    • The job title should not include a number ie: engineer II – what does that even mean? I can tell you this, whatever it means to you is different than it means to another organization. 
    • If you are in a niche market, use caution on job titles. Don’t post a position that does not exist anywhere. Create job titles that are recognizable so candidates can find you in a search.
  • Required skills. Include clear expectations of the role. Be specific and again, don’t be cute with buzz words. If you need an accountant that has the ability to understand international accounting then say so. List the most critical tasks of the job. If it isn’t needed, don’t list it. 
  • Qualifications. If it is an entry level job, then say so. Put in your posting that you will train new hires. Do not put qualifications in a post that are not truly necessary. Do not require a degree if you do not need a degree. This also includes previous experience. If it is not needed, don’t say that it is.
  • Include location as well as whether or not the job is on-site, remote or hybrid.
  • Finally, include the salary range and benefits. Be transparent with pay. 

It is important to keep your job postings fresh and current. Copy and paste has made working easier but it has also made workers lazy. Read your posts and update them periodically. 

Attract great candidates!