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It is Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving day. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. 

Some days it is just tough to feel grateful. Trying to find light when things are bleak can be challenging. 

This has been a challenging year for me and my family. My sister unexpectedly passed away in January. The last time my family was all together was January 7th. She passed on the 13th. It was a complete shock to our family. I have elderly parents and this is the second time they have lost a child, something no parent should ever have to do, let alone twice. I lost my brother in a car accident over 30 years ago.

As with all loss, we began to slowly move forward. Now, here we are…the holidays. The first year as a family of three with a new empty spot at the table. It is heartbreaking and I have been dreading the holidays for weeks. But, there is no avoiding it. 

So, I have been trying to find the light. I have been trying to be grateful. I am trying. I feel sadness for myself. I feel sadness when I look at my parents. 

I have so much to be thankful for and I will work through this sadness. Here it is…
I am so thankful for:
  • My family
  • My faith
  • My most amazing, loyal and loveable dog
  • My most amazing, loyal and fabulous friends
  • My home and all that goes with it
  • My 85 year old parents who allowed me to talk them into a day at a casino as opposed to a traditional thanksgiving meal filled with football and naps. Nothing says non-holiday than the inside walls of a casino. 

We will get through this. We are not the only people that have suffered loss. We are not alone. Everyone goes through it. 

My words of advice:

Find the light. It is there. Some days you just have to dig a little deeper. Things will get better. Tomorrow is a new day.