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HR Topics of the Week for July 1, 2022

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Here are a few my favorite HR topics of the week from around the web.

This post from @TripleCrownLead discusses what can sabotage your leadership. Watchout for these leadership derailers.

What Are Your Leadership Derailers?

This next post hit home for me because I dealt with it frequently.  Friendships at work can be a great thing but sadly, can also cause issue in some cases. I would like to think that as adults, we could move beyond petty issues. As an HR professional, I know that petty issues creep into the workplace. @Insperity & Carmis Adams


Finally, another great post from @TripleCrownLead

This my be my fav for the week. Yes! Leadership and ethics are inseparable. Yes!!!

Why Are We Talking about Ethics?

I hope you found these links to HR topics of the week useful. Have a great, long weekend. Happy 4th Everyone. Be safe.