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HR Posts for the week of August 19, 2022

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Hi Everyone!

Check out a few of my fav posts from the week.

Yes, you saw this one this morning but I think it is worth repeating. This one is from by the great @MarkCCrowley discussing the importance of recognition and how to be effective with your regognition.

5 Habits To Maximize The Effect Of Recognition

My next fav from the week is another great read from @WScottCochrane

Yes, you can be effective and tough when necessary without being a jerk. It is all about effective communication. Leaders: stay humble! You can be great and still be effecitve.

4 Ways You Can Immediately Become A Tough Leader Without Being a Jerk

Last but certainly not least, this great article from @gvanourek

This is your life and you only get one shot at it. Don’t stay in the trap.  Work for you, figure out how to find the courage to do what is best for you.





Have a great weekend everyone!

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