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HR Posts for the week of August 12, 2022

Hi Everyone!

Here are some of my fav posts from the week. These are my favorites because they target necessary qualities for strength in leadership, my favorite topic. Enjoy!

First: Never settle!

Never settling is one of the first points I try to drive home with leaders. It is not easy to push through. It takes time and effort but worth it every time. Never settle!



Tired of Settling? How to Light Your Life and Work on Fire

Second: Ownership and Accountability!

I rarely go a week without bringing accountability to the front of the stage. Why?  Because it is necessary in life, in business and in leadership. Thank you to @leadershipfreak for this one.

4 Reasons People Take Ownership That are Easy to Identify

Finally: Self-awareness

In my opinion, one of the most important skills of a great leaders is the ability to be self-aware. Thank you @mikehorneauthor



Have a great weekend!