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HR & Leadership: Favorite posts of the week

Check out some of my favorite HR and leadership posts from this week, September 2, 2022.

My first favorite post: This one is so important because our jobs take over our lives so quickly. And for what? Live your life! Your employer will move on quickly. Do it for you!

Is Your Identity Wrapped Up Too Much in Your Work?

My second favorite of the week: This one speaks to honesty and integrity. This is a favorite leadership post because who wants to work for a leader that lacks integrity? Worse yet, if HR lacks integrity, then HR loses credibility. Your word is you. If you give someone your word, stand by it. Don’t commit if you cannot follow-through. Think before you promise.

A Promise Is a Promise

Finally:  This one! Such a great reminder how important it is to be respectful in negotiations and/or conversations. Work together. Listen to each other. The conversation will be so much more productive.


Catch you next time for more HR & Leadership favorite posts by so many of the greats out there!

Have a great weekend!

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