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Hate: how did we get here?

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It is Christmas and it is a time for peace and kindness. Firstly, why do we think this way only at Christmas? Shouldn’t we strive for living in peace every single day? Secondly, hate: how did we get here? What happened in this world to make people so full of hate? As I sit here thinking about what to write in my blog today, I am overtaken with thoughts of my cousin. She is a brilliant doctoral candidate that has taken on sensitive topics. Topics that should not be sensitive but as related to women, for some reason these topics are taboo. 

She has received various accolades over the years for her hard work and dedication to her education, her passion for what matters and her commitment to fighting for equal treatment of women and the LBGTQ community. She has always remained true to herself, her people and her cause. 

It makes me proud that she has strong convictions in her causes. Causes that continue to remain relevant. Why is this wrong? What makes people cast so much hate towards her and others? Others that are simply trying to make the world a better place? What happened to respect?

I am not saying you have to agree with everything she says, heck, I don’t know if I agree with everything but I do respect her and her strength to fight forward. I am proud of her. 

Let’s face it, this hate and anger is not only about her. It is about this world that seems so full of anger. Agree, disagree but keep your disrespect to yourself. I think it is acceptable to respectfully challenge different ideals. It is acceptable to disagree. It is not acceptable to hate simply because we think differently. If we all thought the same, what a boring world we would live in. Casting hate through social media is a cowardice way to disagree. If you don’t like something, have the spine to have a respectful conversation. Casting hate through social media is just weak. 

Isn’t that such a waste of energy? Wouldn’t it be better to redirect your energy towards something you believe in? What matters to you? Figure it out and go make a difference. I challenge those of you that are first to post a negative comment to someone else to think before you post. Think about what matters to you. Do something good with your energy, with your anger, with your hate. Turn it around. 

Can someone please help me understand the value in hate? I just continue to shake my head at the way some people behave. I wish we could all go back to respect and healthy conversation.

BDC: I am so proud of you. Your light, love and fierce passion for your cause is palpable. Keep sharing and fighting. Keep being you. 

Please, can we stop with the hate? Please, do something good. Do something meaningful. Be good to others. 

Merry Christmas to you all!