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Great leaders build united teams

Great leaders build united teams. Have you run into division among workers? What a sad statement. It is negative from the start. Do you feel like you are part of a team at work? If so, that speaks volumes about your leadership and your organization. Sadly, many employees do not feel as though they are part of a team. 
The bottom line is: Aren’t we all on the same team at work? We are all working for the same goal. Working for the success of the business is how things happen. Business success drives better pay, benefits, safety programs, equipment and improvements. If our businesses do not succeed, where does that leave the employees?  

I get it, some businesses fail. If you see that happening, it might be a good time to update your resume. At the same time, many businesses succeed and flourish.  You, as part of their team, help make that success happen. 

All of that is great but if there is division in the workplace, I don’t care how successful your organization is, when there is division, it is just not enjoyable to go to work. The one thing that can make a difference is strength in leadership.

Why does division happen in the workplace? There could be a dozens reasons. 
  • Personality conflicts
  • Lack of leadership
  • Unreasonable workloads 
  • Excessive work hours
  • Lack of or poor communication

…just to name a few…

In order to combat division among workers, it is important to understand the reason for the division. Why are people divided?  If leaders understand the cause for the division, they can work through the issues. 

As with most things, strength in leadership can forge through tough situations at work, if they are aware.  First, let your leaders know what is going on. They can help. If your leader is not so great, find one in your organization that is great and ask for help. Suffering in silence benefits no one. 

  • A great leader can work through a problem.
  • They can assess the situation
  • Understand the cause
  • Consider options for correction
  • Re-establish goals and objectives
  • Communicate with you and others
  • Ultimately, a great leader can rally a team and help everyone recover.  
  • A great leader can keep the team working towards the common goal of business success. 

It is easy to get lost in issues. Strong leadership can help keep you focused on the goals of the business and help you work through your issues. 

I will beg and please once again organizations:
  • Hire great leaders
  • Invest in continued leadership training
  • If you make a poor hire in leadership, do something about it

Leaders build united teams.

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