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Decision Making

What is the role of leadership and decision making within an organization? To start, the business leaders have oversight of the organization. In order to be effective, they must have many effective leadership skills, to include finding resolution in situations. Leaders make decisions everyday. Oftentimes they make those decisions without a second thought. They just pay attention and make the call. However, they are also expected to make some tough decisions. 

Effective leaders must have the ability to assess a situation, gather all of the available facts and make a decision. They must do it with confidence and they must own the result of the decisions. Decision making is progress. It is necessary to move forward. 

What happens when leaders fail to make the tough decisions?
  • The problem does not go away, in fact, the problem can snowball and get worse.
  • Their subordinates lose faith in their ability to lead.
Leaders are paid to lead. They are expected to make the tough calls. What makes them afraid? 
  • There is fear in making the wrong choice.
  • Fear of upsetting others.
  • Leaders fear of the consequences of a wrong call.
  • The leader may be inexperienced.
  • There are times when the leader may feel a loss of control.
  • In some cases, they simply do not know what decision is the right decision. 
How do leaders move past their fear of making a decision?
  • Do it. The more you make decisions, the more you will become comfortable with it. Start with the easy stuff.
  • Gather as much information as possible to make a more balanced decision.
  • Consider all possible outcomes.  
  • If you make a wrong decision, learn from it and move on. 
  • Lean on your team. Ask for their input. 
  • Leave emotion at the door.
  • Trust your gut.
  • Own the outcome. Be accountable.
Effective leadership encompasses many characteristics. The ability to make the call comes with it. Lead your teams. Set the example. Show them you are not afraid to make the decision and move forward.