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Dealing with Negativity at Work

I want to talk about dealing with negativity at work and the effects of negativity at work.

Negativity at work. You know you have worked with this person. We have all worked with this person. Are you this person? How do you deal with that person at work that is just all negative, all the time? You know the one, the person that no matter what happens, no matter how good, they put a negative spin on a win. This is the same person that when bad things happen, their typical response is something along the lines of typical or no surprise or I knew it.  They just cannot seem to ever find any joy or happiness.

How do you deal with this person? This person can suck the joy right out of your work day, your job and your life. Being around that kind of negativity all the time is just exhausting and not fun.  Quite honestly, who wants to spend their days with this person? Ugh, I don’t!

Being around a negative person can:
  • Negatively influence your mood or attitude
  • Negatively influence your behavior
  • Derail your motivation towards your goals
  • Negatively impact your self-esteem
  • Cause headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fatigue

Ultimately, no good comes from excessive negativity. So what can you do about it? First, if you are the person spilling all the negativity, ask for help. Ask your physician. Ask someone. Negativity is bad for you as well as those around you. No one wants to be around that kind of negativity for too long. 

If you work next to the person that brings so much negativity, here are some things you can do.
  • Choose positivity
  • Choose positive behavior
  • Own your life, actions and behaviors. You are accountable only for you. 
  • Set boundaries. Limit your time with them. 
  • Listen to your favorite music, podcast or book.
  • Drive your own success. 
  • Have a conversation with them. Let them know how all of their negativity makes you feel. If they choose to continue the behavior, they will at least know why you are spending less time with them. 

The more attention that is given to negativity, the more it grows and spreads. Negativity is like a disease in an organization and is fueled by more negativity. If you do not fall into the trap, you can take away its power. Do not give negativity your attention. Eventually, your negative co-worker will move on.

Choose joy. Even on the tough days, there is always something to be grateful for. Life is just too short.