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Compromise is give and take…correct?

What does it mean to compromise? Compromise is give and take…correct? You have been there – working on some issue and not everyone agrees. What do you do? When there is contention within a group, everything stops. Ultimately, this will lead to a divided team. Progress is non-existent. What do you do?

Some people have a position on an issue and you cannot get them to budge. In some cases, the person may be you. At the same time, you have a project that needs to be completed and it has come to a complete stop. Stalemate. Remember: once the division of a team leads to arguing, it becomes a complete waste of time. That said, if you are arguing…stop. Take a step back. Take a breath. 

The first thing to keep in mind is the goal. What are you trying to accomplish and by when? Everyone is (or should be) working towards the same goal. If necessary, remind the team what needs to get done. 

Next, consider the other position or positions. There is usually more than one way to get things done. Sort through your options, keeping in mind the goal. What is the best way to get to completion?

It is acceptable to disagree. It is not acceptable to hold firm on positions that stop progress. Compromise is give and take. Being part of a team is collaboration. Collaboration includes compromise. 

Follow some simple steps to achieve resolution:
  • Keep communication open. Keep calm in conversations. 
  • Listen to all viewpoints. Sometimes others simply want to be heard. You never know where the next great idea will come from.
  • Do not place blame. It will accomplish nothing. 
  • If you are wrong, own it. Apologize.
  • Work together to create a path forward. 
  • Stick to the plan.
  • Achieve success. Celebrate, together as a team. 

If you are truly at a stalemate, get an unbiased mediator to help with resolution. It could be that the path forward has more than one way for success. A mediator may be able to determine what is best for the project, the business and the team.

If your path is not chosen, so what? Move on. It doesn’t mean your idea was bad, it simply means there is a better option. Don’t give up on input. 

Compromise is give and take. Sometimes you will have to give. Other times, you may be able to take. In the end,no one wins every race. Learn to be ok with it. 

Team success is achieved by the ability to work together through challenges. Teams that can do this can conquer great things.