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Build Your Best Team

Build your best team. What does that mean? It means building a team that is great: a team that works well together that can do great things. How do we get the best people on our teams? How do you build your best team?  How do you know you have the right person in the right role? It is not easy and it is not achieved without careful consideration of what exactly it is that you need. It takes time, thought and a ton of patience. 

To build your best team, you must avoid getting in a rush to fill a role. The company has a need and the need is now. Trust me, I get it. I have heard those words more times than I can count. But think about it, is it really a good idea to rush this process? By the time most businesses figure out they need to add a position, the “need” is right now. If someone resigns and you need to fill their role, at best, you get a 2-3 week notice. That is barely enough time to get a job posted and start getting applicants.
The worst thing the company can do is fill a role in a rush. If you have ever been working next to someone that is not right for a role or the company culture, you know that it can be detrimental to the business and the workforce. It is likely not great for the new hire either.   
Effective hiring can be an agonizing process but investing the time to make the right hire will pay off.  
The hiring process consists of various steps. Begin with answering some business questions. What happens when we put the wrong person in a role? Where do I begin? What does the business truly need to succeed? Sometimes you get lucky and quickly find a great hire that impacts your business immediately. However, without careful planning and screening, there is the potential for an unhappy hire, an ineffective hire or an unqualified hire. A poor hire can oftentimes cause more harm than good and in many cases, you may have to start your search from the very beginning to find the right fit. Take the time to do it right.
Other important questions for employers to consider when beginning a candidate search might be: What type of person fits best into our company culture? What skillset is critical for success? What experience, if any, is necessary for success? What education level is necessary for this role? This is just the beginning of the questions that need answered. That said, the answeres to these questions will begin to frame how to approach your search. Candidate searches and the interview process take time and should not be rushed.
The best advice I can give to an employer is plan and be patient. The best candidate to build your best team is out there! Never settle and invest your time in the hiring process.