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Are you accountable?

Are you accountable?

How do you hold yourself accountable and why is it important? The importance of accountability in the workplace is a hot topic these days. Being accountable. Building an accountable workforce. Building accountable teams. What does it all mean? It is easy to say but what is the real value?

Why is it important? Accountability:
  • Builds trust
  • Does not allow for blame
  • Defines objectives
  • Strengthens teams
  • Encourages open communication
Accountability must first start within each one of us. It must start with you. How do you hold yourself accountable? 

Start with:

  • Self-discipline
  • Setting goals
  • Creating a path to achieve goals, on time
  • Owing the outcome of your behaviors – both good and bad
  • Finding solutions
  • Never blaming

When you perform with a high level of accountability, you set the example for others. You show others that you own what you do. 

Accountability requires working with a can-do attitude. You work towards your goals, towards the finish line. 
In order to be accountable you must work with: 
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Transparency

When things start to go off the rails, you find a solution. You don’t place blame. You think through the goal and what needs to happen to achieve it, on time. If there is a roadblock, you find a solution, you ask for help. You never blame. 

If you want to be surrounded by accountability, you must first start with yourself. Self-reflection. Self-discipline. Drive. You will not win every race but if you race with accountability, when you do cross the finish line, you can hold your head high and know you completed your race with your best competitive behaviors.