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Commit time to the interview process

My last blog was about the importance of conducting proper interviews. Today, I am going to talk briefly about committing to the interview process. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of committing time to the interview process. Commit the time to the interview process.
Interviewing properly takes time. Sadly, it is not fun time. Sure, adding a person to your business can be exciting. Yes, you are doing well and you need to add someone to help out. You are adding someone to make things better. The idea of finding that right person to your team is the fun part. Finding quality candidates and interviewing to fill that role is time consuming, if you do it right.
Commit the time to the interview process. You may be one of the lucky ones that interviews only one or two people and you find that perfect fit. It does happen. If you do, great! Move quickly with your offer. Don’t let someone else beat you to the punch. 

Sadly, more often than not, interviewing is a process, a time consuming process. The worst thing you can do is rush the process and settle on a candidate that might be the right fit. 

My words of wisdom and experience:  Commit the time, never settle. There are no absolutes when it comes to interviewing candidates but you can take some steps to mitigate the risk.

When it comes time to interview, there are a few things you can do to reduce your day-to-day business stress. 

  • Get ready for your interviews. Be prepared with questions for your candidate based on necessary skills and fit within your company. 
  • Block time in your schedule for the interviews and keep it blocked. 
  • Do not schedule more than one or two interviews within the work day. 
  • Do your best to schedule all of your interviews within the same week. If you can, schedule them within a 2-3 day is even period is better.
  • Be organized.
  • Stay on track with your interview questions. You don’t have time to waste.
  • Stay focused during your interviews. If you are elsewhere, your candidate will sense it and may lose interest.
  • Once your interviews are completed, make a decision. If you haven’t found the right candidate, keep going. If you have found the right candidate, move quickly with your offer. 

I understand the commitment it takes for this process. I understand the pain involved with losing so much of your day to interviewing. That said, consider the alternative. If you make a poor hiring decision, you are no further ahead than when you started. You have to deal with the poor hire and start from the beginning. Talk about a waste of time. 

Commit the time. Never settle.
You will be glad you did.


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