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Creating balance in your life


Creating balance in your life. What does that mean? We talk often about things like: Find balance Live in the moment Tomorrow is not promised Be present What does that mean in life and at work? Well, let’s first... Read More

Speak up, you deserve to be heard


Speak up, you deserve to be heard. Think about a time you wanted to speak up but chose to keep your silence? It is something we have all dealt with at one time or another. Are afraid to cause... Read More

It is Thanksgiving Day


Thanksgiving day. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  Some days it is just tough to feel grateful. Trying to find light when things are bleak can be challenging.  This has been a challenging year for me and my family. My... Read More

Job postings, keep them fresh!


Job postings, keep them fresh! When was the last time you updated your job postings? Are you using the same job posting from three or five years ago? Or worse, job postings that are older? Have you even read... Read More