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HR & Leadership: Favorite Posts of the week


Check out a few of my favorite HR & leadership posts from the week: September 29, 2022 First up: This article on harassment prevention. I think it gets lost in everything else we have to do and then…we need... Read More

Accountability Starts at the Top


Accountability seems simple. Accountability starts at the top. Accountability starts with our leaders.  It should be simple. Why aren’t more of us accountable for our actions? How do you build an accountable workplace? Accountability.  What exactly does that mean? ... Read More

Build Your Best Team


Build your best team. What does that mean? It means building a team that is great: a team that works well together that can do great things. How do we get the best people on our teams? How do... Read More

HR & Leadership: Favorite Posts of the Week


Check out some of my HR & Leadership: Favorite Posts of the Week, September 23, 2022. This weeks’ top hits for me are about Employee Monitoring (who wants or needs that?), Workplace Culture (always a heavy hitter) and finally,... Read More